Lokayan : A Movement From People To People

Lokayan simply means journey (Ayan) from people to people. In the democracy ‘we the people’ is password of politics. To make democracy of India strong, vibrant and at the same time sensitive to last person we need enlightened civil servants. They constitute ‘steel frame’ of body politic.

Lokayan is committed to create such professional people who are upright and taskmaster and at the same time compassionate and polite in their work. For last full decade Lokayan worked with its faith and if it has achieved even iota of its vision then it was worth an existence, we believe.

At Lokayan, we believe that every candidate is unique and capable. What is required is proper grouping of his/her capabilities. There is a need to keep them motivated and offer mentoring role in strenuous journey to become civil servant.



Prepare, Practice, Participate and discuss your CSE Training with the best



At Lokayan, we keep lectures of those who are having background of studying or coaching services. This is essential since there is a difference in approach of academic exams and civil services exam.



One conducted by UPSC for super class I type post like IAS and second is class I post like Dy. Collector taken by MPSC. Apart from these batches we do not take any other batch, nor do we advertise any.


Your Complete CSE Prep At One Place

Classroom Coaching

Get best-in-the-class coaching Our teachers at Lokayan are experienced in civil services process. Subject delivery is heart-to-heart. It’s a learning then teaching.

Mock Interviews

Get touchup to your personality by inputs from experts. DAF based questions curated by Lokayan give the track to prepare.


Peer Discussion

Discussions and aspirants are inseparable, here we offer separate allocated space for discussions

Writing practice

Weekly and periodically test are conducted. Writing turns the candidate into aspirant into officer.

Lokayan Academy Advantage

We will help you ace your examinations through preparation, practice, participation, and discussion.

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